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G.A.S.P. (Global Awareness of Sleep Apnoea) Slogan: For us, life is one breath away


G.A.S.P. (Global Awareness of Sleep Apnoea) Slogan: For us, life is one breath away

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The impact of sleep apnoea is underestimated, and the condition is often left undertreated. That means an estimated 936 million adults (1) and 500 million children suffer from it, but only 5% of these are diagnosed and undergoing treatment. The estimated economic burden (direct and indirect costs) related to untreated sleep apnoea in the U.S. is $12.4 billion, in Italy is €2.9 billion, and in in Australia is AU$18.19 billion annually.(2,3,4) Regardless of the cost burden, management of sleep apnoea can be cost savings due to prevention of major chronic conditions. (1)
We believe that the time has come for the World Health Organization to take sleep apnoea as a serious chronic condition with significant health burden around the world and take concrete actions in raising awareness to encourage diagnosis of sleep apnoea and prevent other chronic illnesses.
This global campaign aims to:
● Remove the stigma associated with sleep apnoea and raise awareness of this condition by highlighting the risks of missed diagnosis and treatment leading to other chronic conditions;
● Bring attention to Ministries of Health on all continents to initiate concrete actions to address this truly silent pandemic;
● Involve and build a global alliance of all stakeholders to work together to promote awareness on diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea but also provide support on managing care among the population and caregivers.

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